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Expand Furniture

These days we seem to travel with a tape measure and a bunch of measurements from the Zero Waste Tiny Home. Space is compact and fitting furniture into the areas takes thoughtful consideration.

For our living room/ sleeping area we decided to look for a sofa bed. Of course,we all have experiences on less than comfortable sleeping arrangements from sofa beds so a comfortable sleep is important. We also needed to find a sofa bed that would fit the small space.

We had been very impressed with the quality and comfort of the furniture we saw at Expand Furniture in Vancouver. On our trip back from Malakwa we decided to drop into the small showroom to order a sofa bed. Expand Furniture does online sales and ships to locations around the world.

Part of the Zero Waste mindset is when buying new -buy quality to last. Part of the Tiny Home mindset is multi-functional. When purchasing a piece of furniture that will be used daily and nightly investing in comfort is important. Plus who wants to have to remove a sofa bed from a Tiny Home!

We met a lovely sales rep named Talia who was showing a young couple with a new apartment some of the furniture options for smaller spaces when we arrived. The couple were primarily looking for furniture that would allow them to host visitors in their small space.

Harmony Queen Memory Foam Sofa Bed

This sofa will be a stylish addition to our little home while giving us ample support to toss and turn or cozy comfort to watch movies.

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