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Water in - Waste out

A glimpse at some of the pipes for the plumbing of the Zero Waste Tiny Home.

Three separate parts that work together to produce a properly functioning plumbing system. First there is the water coming in to the home with supply lines, that move the water to access points such as faucets, taps, shower, sinks, and washer. Then drainage lines, through which waste and other undesirable substance are drained separate from the water.And then, ventilation lines that help establish to correct air pressure for the water to drain.

Water from the sinks and shower is called “greywater” and water from the toilet is “blackwater.” Because our tiny home is on-grid, or at a Cedars RV Resort, we can connect topark's septic system with an RV sewer hose and dispose of greywater and blackwater that way.

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