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FoodCycler - on the go composting

Food Cycler

When we travelled across Canada for our Bolt Across Canada trip we composted all our food scraps with our much loved Food Cycler. The Food Cycler is the size of a bread maker, it is electric, and recycles food scraps into nutrient rich soil amender.

The finished product is dry and free of any pathogens which makes it easy to bring home to feed the garden. It takes as little as three hours to reduce the bucket filled with food scraps including chicken bones and avocado pits by 90% into the fine brown soil amendment. The process is odourless making it a very hotel or campsite friendly method to deal with food waste.

While we have been camping out at Cedars RV Resort, as our Zero Waste Tiny Home is being built, we have continued with our mindful management of our food scraps by using the Food Cycler to process this waste instead of throwing into garbage dumpsters. Food scraps are an attractant to bears. Improper handling of waste causes conflicts between humans and bears often leading to the demise of the bears.

We want to not only live with a smaller footprint but also live in harmony with nature.

The Food Cycler will continue to be part of our waste management system when we move into our Zero Waste Tiny Home. In fact in our kitchen design food scrap collection has been factored in.

Food Cycler in hotel room

The max draw on the Food Cycler is 500W. Each cycle consumes approximately 1kwh. The FoodCycler has built-in sensory technology that monitors the dryness and humidity of the food waste. Once complete, the unit will end its cycle automatically.

Note about Bolt Across Canada trip: We were on the road 57 days, we left zero kilograms of food scraps behind, and instead used a small counter-top composter to create 10 litres of finished compost. We even composted food scraps from any meals other people ate with us.

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