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Building a foundation

making use of the cement pad

To be clear, although our Zero Waste Tiny Home is built on a trailer with wheels, we are building it to reside at our lot at Cedars RV resort in Malakwa. We want to create a solid living space.

Although we have a gravel base for the parking area for trailers at our site, we decided to build a cement pad for the Tiny Home to sit on as a foundation.

Tiny Homes also need to adhere to codes and regulations that have been devised for Mobile Homes and recreational vehicles. What is under the Tiny Home can be important when insuring a Tiny Home.

Concrete pads help to create a level secure home. Plus after skirting the trailer you have a dry storage space under the trailer.

We contracted local businesses to pour the pad.

Most pads are poured as follows:

First, the ground is marked and measured with landscape paint or spray paint to lay the foundation. The sod is dug out in the boundaries, and then contractors level the area.

reinforcing cement pad

Air is pushed out with a compactor to prevent the soil from shifting due to the concrete pad weight. Contractors then dump gravel in the area and unroll wire-mesh over it. The wire is cut to fit the space and is used to reinforce the materials. Once that is done, the frame is set up, and the concrete is poured in the structure to make the pad.

levelling the concrete

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