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Choosing Canadian-made

We continued our research and field trips to find multi-purpose furniture that have greater flexibility for tiny home living.

On Saturday, we took another trip into Vancouver to visit the Yaletown showroom of Instant Bedrooms Manufacturing Inc.

Instant Bedrooms is a family operated business who have been building furniture locally for over 35 years. This company serves both residential and hotel markets, with completed projects with Pan Pacific Hotel, University of B.C., Glacier Lodge and Whistler Village Inn, to name a few of satisfied clientele.

Instant Bedrooms

Erin greeted us at the showroom to show us how we could incorporate storage,bed and table into an organized space. She proved to be very knowledgeable and brought up a number of features of the furniture we had not thought about. The prime one being servicing and repair. With Instant Bedrooms being manufactured locally if problems arise or hinges or springs need to be replaced there is that ability. Also if later you wanted to change a door or a table that is possible. Speaking with Erin, we realized that they do not just sell beds to people; that the company makes sure that the product they make is working for their clients.

Erin Ranger showing Buddy clothing storage

The units are very well made and very sturdy. The Easi-Lift bed mechanism makes lifting the bed very simple. This mechanism has withstood testing of 10,000 consecutive lifts equating to 30 years of daily use. The furniture has a lifetime warranty.

easy to replace slats hold mattress

Comfort and functionality of course are important. The bed has a built-in box spring of laminated beech slats and rubber connectors that gives support and a standard mattress fits. The units can be configured to suit customers needs with

options of tables,desks,end tables,closets,drawers and shelves.

We loved the durability, the made in Canada product, the repairability, and the installation of the product by company staff as well as finding a company who is easy to work with to create probably the most important piece of furniture in our tiny home.

We choose a Canadian made Instant Bedroom (dining area and storage) for our Zero Waste Tiny Home.

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