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Space Saving Furniture

Space is valuable in a tiny home. You have to be able to live and move in comfort. Fitting furniture into a small space takes some thought and planning.

Multi-purpose space saving furniture helps to meet the challenges of packing lots of living into a small space.

We are thinking of using a murphy bed to free up floor space for other functions as well as looking at other furniture that can serve more than one purpose.

We have been looking at different designs online. There are some very interesting designs that go beyond the bed in a cabinet models.

We decided to visit a company in Vancouver called Expand Furniture. Expand Furniture specializes in high quality furniture for small spaces. The company is primarily an e-commerce site but the Vancouver location as well as being an office is also a small showroom.

The showroom houses a selection of murphy beds, sofa beds, tables, chairs that can help to overcome the challenges of little space.

There were sofas and beds that lift to reveal storage. Coffee tables that convert to dining room tables. Wall units that turn to convert to murphy beds were on display as well as sofas that convert to murphy beds.

The furniture is very well-made. We were looking at the hardware and hinges for the murphy beds and we were very impressed. This furniture is built to stand the wear and tear of putting up and down on a daily basis.

Some of the murphy bed designs might seem a bit pricey but if you thought about the costs of building a bedroom or dining room the investment in this furniture makes sense.

We are now thinking about what would work best for us.

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