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Putting plan on paper

We received the newest version of the plans for our tiny home.

Zero Waste Tiny Home plan (new)

As we have previously stated, we have been through several versions of a floor plan/building plan for our Zero Waste Tiny Home. Basically the first steps including rough pencil drawings to rough computer generated drawings result in focusing on measurements, building codes and the practicality of the building design. It is abit like mapping the route and coming to those fork in the road decisions. The first picture is the "now" plan and the one below was earlier version.

Old plan Zero Waste Tiny Home

We needed to adjust our plan to accommodate the wheel wells of the trailer. We listened to the feed-back of the hands- on builder to adjust the floor plan. Although the configuration changed,the features and amenities we wanted in the tiny home remained. The main reason for change of floor plan was functionality.

Now with this new set of plans, the walls and framing can begin.

While the carpenters get out their tape measures to measure walls and wood, we can also get out our tape measure to plan how daily living will fit in a tiny home.

the newest plan Zero Waste Tiny Home

I read a quote this morning that fits the process building a tiny home.

"If the plan doesn't work,change the plan but never the goal."

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