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Hummingbird Micro Homes

We found a kindred spirit in the company we chose to work with for our Zero Waste Tiny Home build. In February 2018, we returned to Fernie B.C. (lovely Fernie was one of our stops with Bolt Across Canada) to meet up with Ted Allsopp to learn more about his company Hummingbird Micro Homes.

For our quickie trip we wanted to see the workshop in Fernie, some finished models and to visit more with Ted.

The workshop visit showed us the beginnings of construction of a tiny home that would be living in the Yukon. We got to have a good look at the trailers that are used for the base of the tiny homes. The trailers are built in Calgary by a trailer manufacturer and conform to safety standards. Typically tiny home trailers are built to the heavy-duty standards that tiny houses require and allow for the maximum number of connection points between the house and the trailer.

Barb and Ted at Fernie workshop

Seeing the 30ft trailer being worked on, motivated us to rethink the length of tiny home we would choose.

Hummingbird Micro Homes production line

Ted took us to see a tiny home that was used as a sales office. We were impressed by the finishing and the West Coast feel of the materials used.

Barb and Ted at Timber Landing Discovery Centre

Our next stop was to visit over local brews to share our stories. Ted is a very interesting guy. Ted built the first micro home community in Canada ; Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village in Terrace B.C. He has also had the epic adventure of skiing at every ski resort in B.C. and Alberta. He has taken his passions and interests and created businesses as well as achieving bucket list goals. He inspired us and was the perfect person to work with to achieve our goal- demonstrating that Zero Waste and Tiny Homes can viable community option.