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The build has begun


We have been talking Zero Waste Tiny Home, dreaming Zero Waste Tiny Home and waiting for our turn in the building queue.

Friends and family have asked how is the tiny home coming along? Our answer for quite awhile has been a version of we are waiting. So we are now excited to show the beginning of the actual build.

With winter weather the location of the build was changed to a workshop in Lumby BC which is easier to drive to ,plus it is across the road from were builder Ralph lives.

trailer with floor

Ralph and his partner Mary greeted us on our visit showing us the shop and another tiny home waiting for finishing touches. Ralph and Mary have extensive building and renovation experience. Both reviewing the building plans recommended changes to the layout that had been designed, so with measuring tape and clip board Mary worked with us to resolve the layout issues. The prime issue was the wheel wells had not been factored into the layout.

Both Mary and Ralph recommended moving the kitchen so kitchen cupboards are built over wheel well area. In our plan the toilet placement was draw in wheel well area and as Ralph pointed out would not work.

We were a bit stunned by the information but Mary and Ralph relieved some of the anxiety with their attention to detail and their hands on experience.

Mary showed me her use of salvaged materials in their home as we talked about our vision of our Zero Waste Tiny Home.

It was nice to meet "the hands" who would be creating our home. It is a bit like meeting the midwife working with you for your birthing experience.

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