More than a home- a mindset

May 14, 2019


One of the questions we get when talking about our Zero Waste Tiny Home project is what makes the Tiny Home Zero Waste.

Often with this question, the person inquiring is thinking of salvaged materials  for the build. Honestly, while we have incorporated salvaged and reused materials, we are also using new materials with the reason being that building codes dictate the use of materials .

One of the things we thought and researched was how to have a less toxic and less wasteful building. While new, many of the materials we chose were to reduce energy waste, water waste and household and building waste.Creating a home that will last , is adaptable and can be repaired is important.  While it can be more expensive purchasing quality means less replacement in the future.

A plus on having a Tiny Home built at a workshop dedicated to producing Tiny Homes is lumber ends and pieces of stuff can be used in the next build.

A Tiny Home is more than a glorified RV, in a Tiny Home you will find materials just like in any house because the space is smaller you use less.

Being in a small space means you focus on functionality and multi-purpose usage.

Our little house is intended to be a home that is about living with the mindset to cast a smaller footprint on the planet.

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