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Falling in love with Cedar RV Resort

Our first introduction to Cedars RV Resort was passing the signs on the highway and as I said, we were intrigued by the idea of having a recreational lot to spend time at. Until our Bolt Across Canada, electric vehicle trip across Canada, our lives were focused on our business Gibsons Recycling Depot and the work of owning and operating this business. Now we were transitioning to a new phase of being "retired with a purpose".

"Retire with a purpose" for us meant setting new goals, having fun times and spending more time with family.

Calgary is one of the destinations for visiting family. Malakwa was a good stop over place for our road trips.

Like online dating we began looking at the website for Cedars RV Resort to find out what it was offering. The amenities, the layout with the trees and provincial park, the promise for the future, were all part of this flirtation of buying an RV lot.

Our first date was in the winter of 2017, we drove up to look at the site in the snow. Buddy had the theory that we needed to see the site in all weather. At this point, the lots, we were looking at, were in the rough as different phases in the development were worked on. We climbed through snow and trees to realize the vision of what could be as Piper bounded around smelling the new scents. On this date we had our first view of the potential of the site.

We bought lot #69 first. Then as we started shaping our "retirement" future, we decided to also buy lots #190 and #189 as now we were thinking of investment.

Our second date was in the late spring, we laughed when we realized there was something to the meaning of Malakwa - mosquito.What were we thinking? The mosquitos were hatching and stirred up by the clearing, but the lots were taking shape. We could see the beauty and the possibility.

In August of 2018 we took possession of lots #69, #190, and lot #189. The mosquito frenzy had died off. Now our relationship began in earnest.

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