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Driving down the road

Yes I know I am going back to the beginning of the story.

"On July 1 2017, two of Zero Waste Canada’s directors set out on an epic road trip across Canada to promote Zero Waste and zero emissions. As a grassroots organization advocating a world without waste, Zero Waste Canada decided to take our message on the road to reach Canadians in their own backyards.

Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington travelled over 17,690 km across Canada from Victoria, BC, to Quidi Vidi, NL, and back to Gibsons, BC.

Not only were they the first all-electric Chevy Bolt to drive across Canada proving that zero emissions travel is possible. They had an almost Zero Waste journey for nearly two months on the road travelling through the provinces and participating in numerous events. They also proved that you can have a Zero Waste lifestyle anywhere. On the road, they even composted all food scraps.

Even though the road trip has been completed, the journey of Bolt Across Canada to promote Zero Waste and zero emissions is just beginning. "

charging at the Malakwa Supermarket

So we are driving down the road as we are coming closer to one of our planned charging stops, and as we are looking at the beautiful scenery, we notice a procession of billboards advertising lots for sale at Cedars RV Resort. We open to all possibilities.

Malakwa is 10 minutes from Sicamous and 30 minutes from Revelstoke. At the time of our cross country trip there were limited charging opportunities across Canada for our electric vehicle. The fast charger located at the Malakwa Supermarket was an imperative stop in our journey.

The Malakwa Supermarket was a real country store brimming with everything a person might need; from plumbing pipes, beer to ice cream and bread. The locals sitting on the porch were friendly and curious about our electric vehicle.

This is an interesting spot we thought as we drove down the road.

This is an interesting spot we continued to think as completed our Bolt Across Canada journey and we began to think about what we would do next.

We decided to buy some of the RV lots advertised at Cedar RV Resort and we decided the next part of our journey would be a Zero Waste Tiny Home in Malakwa at the Cedars RV Resort.

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