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Buddy Boyd
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FoodCycler - on the go composting

May 29, 2019

Water in - Waste out

May 27, 2019

Crush & Brush

May 25, 2019

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May 14, 2019

One of the questions we get when talking about our Zero Waste Tiny Home project is what makes the Tiny Home Zero Waste.

Often with this question, the person inquiring is thinking of salvaged materials  for the build. Honestly, while we have incorporated salvaged and reu...

March 7, 2019


We have been talking Zero Waste Tiny Home, dreaming Zero Waste Tiny Home and waiting for our turn in the building queue.

Friends and family have asked how is the tiny home coming along? Our answer for quite awhile has been a version of we are waiting. So we are now ex...

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About Us

Zero Waste Tiny Home : small steps with a smaller footprint

Is it possible to live a Zero Waste lifestyle? Is it possible to comfortably live in a tiny home.?

We are rather ordinary Canadians who believe we can change our ways of daily living to reduce our environmental impact.For years, we have been sharing solutions and ideas that can help to make individuals , businesses and communities more sustainable. We believe the best way to promote positive change is to lead by example. Buddy often says "if we can do it ,anyone can!"

 As directors of Zero Waste Canada, we driven across Canada in our Chevy Bolt (Bolt Across Canada) with the purpose of showing the possibility of a Zero Waste road trip driving an electric vehicle.

Our Zero Tiny Home is the next phase of our journey with a purpose.